Loud, confident and long-legged, our beautiful Fox is a born performer and sure to captivate you with her big voice and comedic charm.


Singing the soprano parts of our trio numbers, her solo repertoire includes songs that you'd expect of a soprano, such as a moving and sensitive rendition of 'White Cliffs of Dover' but also some loud and lively belters such as Ella Fitzgerald's 'Too Darn Hot'. In our Modern Vintage set she thoroughly breaks the soprano mould with songs such as 'Thriftshop' and 'Timber'.


We are completely at her mercy when it comes to decisions involving dresses! Her eye for 1940s fashion is impeccable and her collection of vintage dresses, coats and jewellery is simply to die for.



You would be forgiven for thinking that our Wiggle was an alto through and through. Her warm tone and perfectly pitched low notes blend effortlessly with the melodies of the higher parts. Not to be forgotten however, Wiggle's own higher parts are also a great asset to our trio. Should you happen to hear her singing 'Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye', you'll be blown away by her incredible range and vocal agility. The highlights of her solo numbers are 'World on a String' and in our Modern Vintage set she sings an awe inspiring rendition of 'I'm Not The Only One'. There's no doubt about it, this girl's got a great set of lungs...


She is in fact a classically trained Soprano who earned her masters degree at the Birmingham Conservatoire. We would be lost without her impeccable ear for harmony, her organisational prowess and her unstoppable energy and enthusiasm. She's always making sure that we're the best that we can be.

CGS_9148 (1).jpg


Sass is the smallest member of the group, but don't let her size fool you...  When she stands up to the mic to sing, with her musical theatre training she can definitely pack a punch!

Once she's on stage you can see why she has landed professional TV and entertainment jobs in not only singing, but dancing, acting and performing as well. Sass is always on the go, during the day you'll find her on TV sets such as 'Call the Midwife' and radio commercials.


In our trio numbers, Sass likes to mostly reside wherever the tune happens to be, with the occassional foray into the closest of close harmonies. Her solos include mostly upbeat numbers such as 'It's a Good Day' and 'Button Up', but there is a reason she's called Sass, her rendition of 'Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend' is packed full of attitude!